FlowCast® - The Premium Bio-Based Epoxy for crystal clear castings

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Size: 750ml
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EcoPoxy® FlowCast® is the No. 1 (Bio-Based) Epoxy resin in the market. Use FlowCast for a crystal clear finish or add pigments to create the most diverse and special colors and effects.

Why choose FlowCast?

  • Highest bio-content 🌱: A unique formulation with the highest bio-content (in the market) from annually renewable sources;
  • Premium Ingredients: Only use the highest quality ingredients. Premium performance based on premium ingredients;
  • Crystal clear result: Crystal clear result guaranteed;
  • Superior 'Air Release': FlowCast has excellent air release and low exothermic heat generation, creating a crystal clear, solid finish that resists stress cracking;
  • Easy to use: Whether you're filling voids, casting objects or large rivers, FlowCast is very easy to work with;
  • Odorless: Both during mixing and during curing, Flowcast gives off virtually no odor and can therefore be used in poor ventilation conditions;

FlowCast is the epoxy for : (River) tables  | Pouring objects  | LiquidGloss photo panels and LiquidArt art reproductions  | Furniture  | Filling larger gaps and voids  | Casting projects with silicone molds

Tip from our Masters: FlowCast can be worked with standard woodworking tools such as a lathe, table saw and belt sander, opening up thousands of possibilities to create beautiful projects.