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<transcy>FlowCast® - The Premium Bio-Based Epoxy for crystal clear castings</transcy><transcy>FlowCast® - The Premium Bio-Based Epoxy for crystal clear castings</transcy>
EcoPoxy® FlowCast® - The Premium Bio-Based Epoxy for crystal clear castings
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<transcy>Epoxy Mixing Cups (350-2300ml)</transcy><transcy>Epoxy Mixing Cups (350-2300ml)</transcy>
Colad Epoxy Mixing Cups (350-2300ml)
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Tuck-Tape, ideal for making Epoxy MoldsTuck-Tape, ideal for making Epoxy Molds
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<transcy>Cutting Board Oil, 100% food-safe</transcy><transcy>Cutting Board Oil, 100% food-safe</transcy>
Walrus Oil® Cutting Board Oil, 100% food-safe
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Epoxy SpatulaEpoxy Spatula
Colad Epoxy Spatula
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<transcy>Wood Wax (for cutting boards)</transcy><transcy>Wood Wax (for cutting boards)</transcy>
Walrus Oil® Wood Wax (for cutting boards)
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Furniture oil / Furniture finishFurniture oil / Furniture finish
Walrus Oil® Furniture oil / Furniture finish
Selling priceFrom €19,95 Recommended retail price€21,95
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Silicone Kit for Epoxy Mold SealingSilicone Kit for Epoxy Mold Sealing
LiquidMasters™ BV Silicone Kit for Epoxy Mold Sealing
Selling priceFrom €7,49 Recommended retail price€19,95
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<transcy>Epoxy 'comb'</transcy>
LiquidMasters® Epoxy 'comb'
Selling price€1,69 Recommended retail price€1,99
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<transcy>Applicator Gun</transcy>
LiquidMasters™ BV Applicator Gun
Selling price€55 Recommended retail price€57,50