Refund Policy

Ordered too much or wrong? Annoying!
It is always possible that you want to return something. You have ordered something extra just to be sure, or you want a different color. We don't bother about that. Nevertheless, we want to prevent it as much as possible, partly in view of the impact on the environment. We would therefore like to encourage you to only return it if you really cannot use the product (anymore). If you do return, we will compensate your return with our tree plan via Trees for All.

When can I return something?
You received the products less than 14 days ago
The packaging of the products is in good/original condition
The product or set is returned complete
The products are not opened and unused
Does your return request not meet one of the above conditions? Please contact our customer service. In some cases, your return will still be accepted.

Returns always register !
If you want to return something, always send an e-mail with order number and the item number of the item to be returned to We will then ensure a smooth finish. We can not process returns without pre-notification.

Note: if during processing of your return it appears that your order amount is lower than €100, the shipping costs will be deducted.