Allway Epoxy Mixer - Small

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The 4 liter Helix Paint Mixer is an indispensable tool for mixing paint and other liquids. It can be used for mixing most viscous liquids, paints, coatings, stains, wall textures and adhesives. The patented, heavy-duty mixer features a ¼-inch hex shaft for secure connection to all 3/8-inch or larger power drills. The specially designed polypropylene mixing head ensures fast and complete mixing throughout the vessel and is easy to clean. The spiral shape reaches the corners and bottom of the can for complete mixing and is the fastest mixer of its kind. The spiral shape ensures that the liquid is mixed evenly throughout the can. To avoid splashing onto clean surfaces, use a low to moderate speed and make sure that the mixing head does not protrude above the liquid surface during rotation. Make your painting jobs easier and less time consuming with the 4 liter Helix Paint Mixer.

  • Fastest mixer of its kind - patented
  • Heavy duty 1/4" hex shank for a secure connection to the drill
  • Fits all electric drills
  • Shape and material allow for easy clean up
  • Shape of blades reaches corners and bottom of paint can