Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors Oil

Walrus Oil®<transcy>SKU:</transcy>WO-CAB32

Volume: 946 ml / 32 oz
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Walrus Oil® Cabin Walls and Hardwood Floors is a commercial grade tung oil based finish and the only finish we recommend for outdoor furniture/use.

This oil locks in the natural wood colors while protecting the surfaces against UV, water and daily wear. Due to the scientific composition of Tung Oil and Perilla Seed Oil, it is a natural choice for hardwood floors, interior walls, beams and cabinets. And it is just as effective in protecting/maintaining outdoor wooden furniture such as teak and oak.

Safe to process
Like all Walrus Oil products, processing this oil is completely safe. Whether you're refurbishing a small cabin, building a house, or refurbishing an old RV where wood surfaces are used throughout, you don't have to worry about dangerous fumes when applying this finish.

Contains no dyes or added dryers, is 100% natural, VOC-free and completely vegetable.

Cures to a matte to satin finish. With multiple coats it leaves a thin hard film on the surface with a slight sheen. Lightly scented with lime oil.

Project Ideas
Hardwood floors, cabinets, interior hardwood walls, ceiling joists, Adirondack chairs, outdoor wood tables, BBQ island, and more.

For best results when used outdoors, we recommend using it on patios and furniture under covered porches that have minimal contact with UV and rain. Use only on clean untreated wood and reapply if necessary. When used on outdoor projects that receive regular direct UV and water contact, apply a minimum of 2 coats first and reapply as needed.

Product Care
For best results, use until the expiration date on the bottle. Store at room temperature or in a cool and dry place. Keep bottle sealed when not in use.