Epoxy Mixing Cups (350-2300ml)


Volume: 350 ml
Quantity: Piece
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Our professional mixing cups from the brand Colad are ideal for processing epoxy resin, but also excellent to use with polyester resin, DD lacquer and similar materials.

About our mixing cups

Strong and impact resistant

Easy to pour (squeeze gently to make a pouring spout)

Sustainable (by re-use and responsible method producer)

Easy to use

Sustainable (Tip from our masters in epoxy casting)
Our mixing cups can be used several times. Let therefor the epoxy cure in the mixing cup. Turn the measuring cup upside down, squeeze softly on the sides and simply press out the cured epoxy from the mixing cup.

Easy measuring
Because - unlike many other epoxy resins - Ecopoxy is mixed on the basis of volume, the scale on our mixing cups can easily be used. A scale is not necessary.

Use of our mixing cups
For 2-component products such as epoxy and DD lacquer it is important to mix very well. To be sure of a homogeneous mixing of your materials, we recommend using the 2-pot mixing method.