Colad Nylon Spray Overall

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Nylon Paint Overall for use during paint jobs to protect the wearer from spray mist 

This spray overall is 100% dust and lint free. White in color to prevent color distortion, very durable and with good ventilation. Protects against non-hazardous chemicals, such as water-based paints or no harmful cleaning agents. Colad Nylon Spray Overalls are designed to protect the user's head and body from spray while spraying. The Nylon Spray Overalls are 100% dust and lint free, making them suitable for a clean spraying process. The Overalls are equipped with a hood to protect the user's hair. The sleeves fit closely to the wrists, offering the user excellent protection. The front of the overalls can be fastened with a zipper, which can be opened and closed from both sides.

Advantages of Nylon Paint Overall

  • 100% dust and lint free 
  • Very sustainable
  • Good ventilation