Large Pouring Epoxy Bucket (with lid)


Volume: 5 liter
Selling price€3,99


Your ideal partner for larger castings. Our white buckets with resealable lids are suitable for various purposes. This way you can easily mix larger amounts of epoxy in these buckets, but they are also excellent to use as storage for various products.

Our buckets are made of polypropylene (PP), which makes them 100% resistant to use with epoxy (and many other liquids)

Incremental discount from 25 buckets. Please contact us.

 Volume (ISO volume) Diameter Height Weight
1 liter (1.18L) 13.2cm 12.4cm 50 gr
2.5 liters (2.6L) 20 cm 11.6cm 110 deg
5 liters (5.6L) 22.6cm 19 cm 201 gr
10 liter (10.8L) 26.7cm 26.3cm 360 deg
20 liters (20L) 32.6cm 32.4cm 610 deg
32 liters (32L) 37.5cm 39.6cm 986 gr