Epoxy Liquid Color Pigment, Benefit Set


Selling price€159


Create all colors of the rainbow with this discount set!
The EcoPoxy® Liquid Color pigments have been specially developed to be perfectly processed in our cast epoxies into a brilliant, even mixing and curing. The effect is where you will find the difference from other brands.

With this advantage set consisting of 12 colors you can really make all the colors of the rainbow (and more).

Because of the extremely high color properties  you only need a little bit to get a long way.


  • Perfect for solid, even colors
  • Non-toxic and low odor
  • Can be mixed with each other to make the most beautiful own colors

Pro Tip: Our masters would like to inform you that the amount to use depends on the chosen color! This is because some colors have better coverage than others (yellow, for example, needs more pigment than other colours).