Hahnemuhle FineArt Baryta

Hahnemühle - Fine Art Print

Shape: 2:3
Size: 20x30cm.
Selling price€22


By adding barium sulphate to the premium high gloss coating, a real (digital) barite paper has been created. Bright white and with a light surface structure, the material is ideal for printing black and white images. Due to the high D-max value, the prints are intensely black and all shades of gray are reproduced smoothly. If you long for the analogue time, FineArt Baryta from Hahnemühle is the first choice of our professional users.

Giclée prints on Fine Art Paper by Hahnemühle

In order to guarantee the special quality of our LiquidGloss™ and LiquidArt™ products, LiquidMasters™ has chosen to carry out the print production in-house. And because, within our philosophy, we not only like to share our ideas and knowledge, we have decided to also offer our Giclée print service via our website.

Paper type Hahnemühle Photo FineArt Baryta | Thickness 325 grams | Features High Gloss / White

Museum-worthy quality print

For the best quality Giclée prints, we only work with the latest Epson® printers equipped with the UltraChrome Pro12 ink set (12 colours) with K3 technology, which prints the two types of black simultaneously. The printers also feature orange, green and violet, ensuring exceptional color accuracy and an unprecedented 99% Pantone® coverage. These deliver natural, precise skin tones with the finest details. And with a choice of 5 standard paper types from Hahnemühle (other types and Hahnemühle Steel Book on request) you can be sure that your photo will remain a beautiful work of art for many years to come.

With a white border
All our Giclée prints on Hanemühle paper are supplied with a white border as standard. The specified/ordered format is the printed surface. The paper itself is therefore slightly larger.

Formats, delivery time and prices
We offer the most common formats via our website. Of course we can also provide custom work. Feel free to call or email us with any questions! All Giclée print prices on the website include VAT and exclude shipping costs (NL €6.95 - 12.95 / B €6.95 - 24.95 p/order). Our standard delivery time for Giclée prints is 5 working days. Urgent orders are possible in consultation (same day dispatch).

Comment. If you are a professional photographer or artist, please contact us first for adjusted rates.