LiquidGloss Photo Panel


Shape: 2:3
Size: 20x30cm.
Selling price€84


The most exclusive refinement / preservation of your most beautiful photos, through a traditional epoxy casting in multiple layers.

LiquidGloss Epoxy Photo Panels

Because the LiquidGloss treatment magnifies, colors come out stronger and your photo gets a fascinating depth effect. The subtle brilliant gloss makes your photo seem to give light.

Our LiquidGloss photo panels consist of a professional photo print which is bonded to a 4 mm thick Dibond® sandwich panel. This is then treated with an extensively tested ultra UV-resistant epoxy coating, which is applied in several layers. On the back we mount a museum-quality aluminum suspension frame. When attached to the wall this gives a special floating effect.

Certified LiquidGloss
Epoxy Photo Panels

The LiquidMasters epoxy photo panels are appreciated by both the professional and the better hobby photographer.